Detecting Bad IP addresses

Through the use of automated software and brainpower, we have gathered a vast array of Autonomous Systems from all corners of the web. Upon collection, we categorize them into three categories; Hosting, Business and Residential. Autonomous Systems can belong to multiple categories, these are known as mixed ISP’s. Many Autonomous Systems resell IP prefixes to other companies, so we have to investigate other properties like hostnames and range blocking.

As for proxies, due to their quick saturation, an automated system scrapes fresh proxies from several monitored sources and purges old proxies to ensure IP accuracy meets our strict quality standards.


We don’t believe in censorship, we believe in counter-fraud. Everybody, regardless of physical characteristics and geographical location, is entitled to free speech as a basic human right. IPHub provides IP intelligence; what consumers do with this data is entirely at their own discretion. We discourage blocking “Bad IP’s” from navigating your website/application.