ip (string) - Queried IP address

asn (integer) - Autonomous System Number of the queried IP

isp (string) - ISP name of the IP address

countryCode (string) - ISO 3166 Alpha-2 Code

countryName (string) - Country name in English

hostname (string) - Reverse DNS of the IP address (temporarily disabled)

block (integer)

As some Autonomous Systems resell IP prefixes to third party organisations, we provide the block parameter so you can determine your own ‘risk-level.’

"block":0 - Residential / Unclassified IP address
"block":1 - Non-residential IP address (server, VPN, proxy, etc..)
"block":2 - Non-residential & Residential (Warning: may flag innocent people)

We generally recommend people to only block if block == 1. It provides the best balance between stopping malicious users and avoiding false positives.